5 Simple Words I Wish I’d Added to My Wedding Vows

Our Lord is so faithful.

Christ has been refining two imperfect sinners over the years. He has shown us redemption, forgiveness, joy in the middle of trials and how to love another on days when the other hasn’t done a single thing to earn it or deserve it.

The vows we exchanged many years ago are still commitments I’m trying to keep today. To love, honor and cherish. In the good times and the bad times.

I mess up a lot. But there is grace. Lots and lots of grace. From the hubby and from Jesus.

And there is love, so much love.

If there was one thing I could do differently, it would be to go back to the day we said ‘I do’ and follow that commitment with five words that have been inscribed deep within my heart. They are five profound, but simple, words that have radically changed me and have helped me love like Jesus loves.

“Lord, teach me to love.” 

If your marriage has hit a bump in the road, take these five words to heart and ask Jesus to help show you how to love your spouse. Ask Him to allow you to see your spouse through His eyes. Take accountability for your own sin and part in your current bumpy situation. Ask for forgiveness, if needed. Ask someone to pray for your marriage. Talk to a pastor or seek professional counsel if necessary. You don’t have to go through your trials alone. Jesus loves you.


This article originally appeared at NickiSchroeder.com.

Nicki Schroeder
Nicki Schroeder
Nicki Schroeder loves encouraging women to spend more time in God’s Word. She is a Midwest radio personality, writer and speaker who loves cupcakes, coffee, laughter and Jesus. Nicki created “The Grace Challenge,” Bible study worksheets, Scripture cards and printable art to help you glorify Jesus in the middle of your busy, beautiful life. Sign up and take the challenge for free!  Visit her blog “Showered In Grace.” Follow her on Facebook and Instagram!

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