32 Things Only 90s Kids Remember

22. Gone Fishin’


Rainy days were never spent watching Netflix. We had ALL the games to fill our afternoons with, and you weren’t a 90s kid if you didn’t capture these circling piranhas with a stick.

23. The Wonderful Waterfuls

90s kid

There was no greater way to pass time in the 90s than this little handheld game. Whether you were waiting at the doctor’s office or riding in the car, 90s kids were bound and determined to get those little loops in the right spot!

24. Space Makers

90s kid

No desk in the 90s was free from the storage goodness that was Space Maker. Every school year brought a new one, and it was only a matter of time before the box that held all of your pencils, erasers and glue sticks, was covered in sharpie and stickers.

25. Timed Tests

90s kid

The spawn of satan to every 90s kid was surely these math aids. It’s where our love for competition began, and our hatred for mental math was cultivated.

26. The Original Trollz

90s kid

What was on your bedroom desk as a 90s kid if it wasn’t one of these naked neon babes? Kids today have Trollz, but they’ve never known their favorite characters like this.

27. Parachute

90s kid

The best days in gym class were spent sitting on the hardwood floor with a colorful vinyl balloon creating a fort above your head! Of course, there was always that one kid who could never sit down fast enough to make the bubble effect work.

28. Gak!

90s kid

Gak was all the rage back when Nickelodeon was all about the slime! You weren’t a 90s kid if you weren’t making fart noises with this container, or drooping it across your head like a cast member of Slime Time Live!

29. Lite Brite

90s kid

Never mind these colorful tablet apps that kids have today. Lite Brite allowed you to create your wildest dreams and light them up for all to see! Just don’t lose the pegs, or your clown will have a yellow nose instead of red.

30. Overhead Projectors

90s kid
Seriously For Real

Complete with Visa-vis and overhead slips, these were the original “Smart Boards.”

31. School Lunch

90s kid

Yep, that’s right! 90s kids bought lunch at school, and it wasn’t Chick-fil-A or Pizza. We got the good stuff, like questionable lasagna, runny corn and something that appeared to be a fruit cup. Points to the person who could successfully pop open their carton of chocolate milk!

32. ALL Things Lisa Frank

90s kid

Back to school was not complete for girls in the 90s if your backpack wasn’t filled to the brim with all things Lisa! Notebooks, pencils, markers, stickers, pencil bags, and coloring sheets were the brightest thing in your desk. And you know you were cool if your backpack even had one of those chromatic characters on it!

Bri Lamm
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