32 Things Only 90s Kids Remember

9. The Original Text Message

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What was the point of going to class if you couldn’t successfully sneak one of these meticulously folded notes across three rows of desks and up the isle about your slumber party Friday night without getting caught?

10. Slap Bracelets

90s kid
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They’re exactly what they sound like, and they were the ONLY accessory you needed.

11. Scholastic Catalogs

90s kid
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These somehow always seemed to make reading sound like a great hobby to take up! Affordable books, and some even came with toys or a necklace!

12. Crayola Stamp Markers

90s kid
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Another ode to the emoji, Crayola stamp markers were an essential addition to every pencil bag. And, you know you’d done really well when your teacher used them to grade your homework!

13. Cabbage Patch Kids

90s kid
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I can still smell that sweet comfort of these 90s kid staples. Boy or girl, you can bet your dollar you owned a Cabbage Patch doll!

14. 10-Color Retractable Pens

90s kid

Saving space in your pencil box, and annoying teachers everywhere, these little 90s novelties gave you 10 pens in ONE! Now you tell me a better school supply than that!

15. Hand-Written Library Checkout Slips

90s kid

Whether you used them as a bookmark, or left them in the taped up pocket at the front of the book, these library slips told you everyone who had checked out that novel before you, and reminded you of when it was due!

16. The Original VR

90s kid

Virtual reality has been around for AGES! But instead of using a smart phone and viewing goggles, all you needed was a View Master and some reels! That spring-loaded lever took you through all of the virtual reality you could ever need. And if you ran out, or got bored, simply dig a new insert out of your ever-growing collection, and keep flipping!

17. Heads-Up 7-Up

90s kid

What would the 90s be without a good old fashion game of blind deceit?

18. The Original Scooters

90s kid
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You definitely weren’t a 90s kid if you’ve never had your finger run over, crushed, or slammed into by one of these! A gym class favorite, and the source of all black and blue nails in the 90s.

19. Gym Mats

90s kid
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Speaking of gym class, what was physical education if you weren’t falling flat on your head with only these blue strips of vinyl to catch your fall?

20. Calculator Tricks

90s kid

It was always a special privilege to actually USE a calculator at school. But you better believe when given the opportunity, we found ways to get creative!

21. Etch-A-Sketch

90s kid

Only a true 90s kid knows the accomplishment of being able to create anything but a straight line on one of these! Many afternoons were spent creating mazes and filling that little red square with a boxy version of your name. Then you shake it all away and start over!

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