Having a Baby Ruined My Body

They warned me before I got here.

“Babies ruin bodies.”

“Enjoy this now – you’ll never see it again after kids!”

“You’ll never be the same.”

I guess they were right.  I am ruined. I don’t see it. I’m not the same.

It is my new reality. It is the body I see in the mirror each morning, much unlike the one I knew before.

And I am grateful.

A baby ruined my body. She ruined me for ordinary, for status quo, for shallow. She ruined me for who I was before.

There are changes I never expected, tiger stripes in places I didn’t know could stretch, hairs and darkened things and love handles and jeans that don’t fit the same as before.

Phylicia Masonheimer
Phylicia Masonheimerhttps://phyliciamasonheimer.com/
Phylicia Masonheimer is the founder of Every Woman a Theologian, a ministry teaching Christians how to know what they believe and live gospel truth with grace. Formerly addicted to erotica, she also writes about sexuality and finding freedom from the shame of sexual addiction. She is an author, blogger, and host of the chart-topping podcast Verity with Phylicia Masonheimer. She lives in northern Michigan with her husband and three children.

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