Dear Struggling Mama, There’s Something You Need to Know

That back fat never existed.


That double chin is a memory.


Then I post the most beautiful pictures with carefully worded captions, and really, let’s be honest:

Even I am impressed with who I am on Facebook.

But when the curtain is pulled back, you see that double chin.

Behind the curtain, there is also some back fat.

And screaming kids.

And marital problems.

And job loss.

And financial stress.

And anxiety and depression and insecurities and everything else we hide behind our backs, for fear of somehow being discovered.

But, man. You know what the crazy part is?

All any of us want is to be discovered.

We want to be known and we want to be loved, for who we are. Right now. No stops.

But in our efforts to seek that love and approval, we advertise the very best parts of ourselves…

And we become alone.

Not one of us can keep up with the image we put out on Facebook.

And if you are reading this post, wishing there was a way to connect with people that was deep and real and vulnerable…

If you are reading this wondering if maybe, just maybe, there are parents on the internet who are just as insecure and freaked out as you…

If you are wondering if maybe it’s NORMAL to hurt and be struggling and feel the heavy things that life lays on us…

Well guess what, my sister.

I have a secret.

You are not the only one.

Mary Katherine Backstrom
Mary Katherine Backstrom
Mary Katherine resides at Mom Babble with her son (Nugget), daughter (Toodleboot), and The Hubs (Ian). There you can find the dreams and musings of a messy, slightly opinionated Southern mama who survives on equal parts grace and coffee. Y'all should be friends.

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