Here’s to Her

Here’s to her.

She graduated top of her class to become a first class feed truck driver.

She walked through all the right open doors and now she makes sure all the gates are closed right.

She still pulls all nighters because babies and first calf heifers apparently run on the same schedule as college exams.

She’s packing degrees, accolades, and a .380 because snakes come in all shapes and sizes.

She was supposed to go all the way to the top but she ran all the way to the middle of nowhere instead.

She gave up changing the entire world for everyone to become the entire world for those who needed her most.

She left 9-5 for fence line to fence line.

Here’s to her.

May we be lucky to know her, be her, or raise her.


Lydia Kyle
Lydia Kyle
Lydia Kyle is a wife and mother living in the rural Southwest. She and her husband manage a large ranch raising kids, cattle, and horses. Her ultimate joy is being able to raise her children in wide open spaces where lessons in hard work, stewardship, and simplicity abound.

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