How to Keep Your Mom Sanity When School’s Out for Summer

School’s out for summer! Are you ready? All across the country schools are beginning to let out for summer vacation. While this brings joy to some, it also sparks fear and frustration in others. What am I going to do with my kids all day? How am I going to deal with their bickering and complaining? When will I have time to get MY stuff done? 

I always enjoyed summer vacation with my children. A big part of that likely had to do with the fact that I worked in the school district, and it was my summer vacation as well. However, by summer’s end even *I* was ready to get back to school, so I understand where these weary parents are coming from.

Beth Richardson
Beth Richardson
Beth Richardson is a writer of creative nonfiction with too many hobbies, who is currently distracted from her work by pursuing a college degree. With her husband and two young adult sons, she lives in southwest New Hampshire where she blogs about organized living, self care, and bullet journaling at

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