I Survived Postpartum & You Will Too, Mama

The combination of the two worked. Not immediately, and certainly not without setbacks, but I almost emerged as a new person, and therefore as a new mom. With motherhood, perspective is half the battle and I felt like I was truly starting anew. 

Mama, we are dealing with some heavy things after birth. It’s okay to not be okay. But you need to find your way out. You aren’t helping anyone, least of all your family, by carrying the stress around with you. I know all you want is to be a “good” mom. I do, too. But trust me when I say that you already are and that the best moms take care of themselves, too.

It took the support of my family, mom friends, mom strangers, and a lot of google searches to realize motherhood isn’t once and done, even though that’s how society can make it feel. Describing motherhood as a journey is so overused it has little impact anymore, but make no mistake about it – motherhood is a journey. And like any venture you embark on, you need to make sure you are ready – mentally, emotionally and physically.


Joanna Linton is the founder of Rae’s Roots.

Rae’s Roots believes a healthy mom is a happy mom. We designed an all-natural wellness supplement that uses functional (adaptogenic) ingredients to help mom’s body replenish and restore. Our mission is to build a community of healthy and happy moms, we hope you’ll join us.


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