10 Ways to Make Your Soul Breathe Today

Recently, we talked about the one thing that you can do even when you feel overwhelmed, but then I realized that you can go further. You can take that one thing and go deeper to reach your soul in the midst of the chaos around you.

This is not a list to add to the endless lists of things to do.

This is a list of suggestions, things you can try, and see how you feel. See how your soul feels. See how you breathe.

10 Simple Ways to Calm the Chaos and Help Your Soul Breathe

Music — Put it on and turn it up. I find something encouraging works best here, but anything can work!

Flower — Yes, even singular. Even one flower in some water where you can see it can remind you of beauty.

Sunshine — I know it sounds so simple, but feeling the sun on your face, even for a few minutes makes a difference.

Move — Not where you live, but your body! A simple stroll or a tough workout, both remind us that we are capable of amazing things.

Hobby — Remember those? Those things you did because you loved them, not because you had to. Dust one off and see if it still brings joy. (This book is wonderful encouragement for rediscovering in a practical way!)

Bath — This is not for everyone. But I love baths. Do you know how often I take one? Yeah, I can’t remember either. Give it a try. It always makes me feel better.

Candle — Lighting a candle can create a different atmosphere. It can calm with just the flicker of light. Find one you love and light it just because. (Try this one!)

Laugh — It is always worth it! Do something silly with someone you love. Watch a funny movie. Roll down a hill with the kids. Just have fun and remember how good it feels to laugh.

List — Make a list of things you are grateful for. It sounds so simple, but seldom do we stop and remember the good things in our lives. You won’t regret it.

Serve — Now don’t give up here. I know it feels like you do for everyone else all of the time. But do something different. Go beyond. Bless someone in a beautifully unexpected way. You’ll be amazed at how good this one feels!

The list doesn’t end here. There are endless possibilities. The only requirement is that it makes your soul breathe.

Try one today (or a few!) and see how it reaches deep into those places in your being that get overlooked so easily.

Breathe well today friend, and tell us what you would add to the list!


Rebecca Hastings
Rebecca Hastings
Rebecca is a writer and speaker encouraging women to find real faith that works in real life. A wife and mother of three in Connecticut, she can often be found typing words, driving her kids places or wherever there is chocolate. Her book, Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are, is available on Amazon.  Find out more at her website: RebeccaHastings.net.   

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