As a Mom, I Don’t ‘Have’ to do This, I ‘Get’ to

I get to hold the barf bowl when they are sick.

I get to take them here. And take them there.

I get to watch them grow and become.

I get to tuck them into bed — even when they are old enough to tuck in themselves.

Our kids are growing up fast. They have so many responsibilities and commitments. And, they are capable. They can handle their business. They are learning to manage a lot.

I remember back to my own mom doing certain things for us and knowing, even as a tween, how lucky I was to have such a nurturing mom.

So — I packed the brown bag (because apparently lunch boxes are so uncool) and threw in a piece of her favorite candy.

I knew when she reached in and saw the little caramel as she sat down at lunch, she would grin. She would know her mom has her back.

Even if she can do it herself, I get to be here to add a little sweetness to her day. This. I get to do.


This piece originally appeared on My Battle Call, published here with permission.

Valli Gideons
Valli Gideons
Valli Gideons is the author of the #1 Amazon New Release children’s book, “Now Hear This: Harper Soars with her Magic Ears.” She is also a military bride, speaker, and mother of two thriving teens who were born with hearing loss. With a degree in journalism, she transitioned from everyday stories to sharing her family's hearing loss journey. To date, her work has reached millions of people across multiple platforms. With an engaged community made up of parents and leaders in the field of the deaf and hard of hearing, she is passionate about her role as advocate and champion of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. When she is not writing or carpooling to and from a sports gym or field, you can find her walking her two rescue pups along the beach trail. You can follow more of this family’s journey at, and on Facebook and Instagram.

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