Mom Posts “Unpopular Opinion” on Cleaning Up After Kids at Restaurants

Taking kids out to eat at a restaurant is no small feat. Whether you have school-aged kids who are right in between eating a kids meal and demolishing a chimichanga the size of a football, or small children who need high chairs and constant monitoring, eating at restaurants with kids can be a chore for most parents. 

One mom is getting a lot of attention on TikTok this week after posting a video of herself cleaning up the floor of a restaurant after her small children finished eating. 

Courtney Witucki is a military wife and mom of two. She says if you’re not cleaning up after your babies when you go out to eat, you better be leaving some love for the wait staff who has to. 

“Unpopular opinion but you should always clean up after your babies at restaurants…” she wrote in text overlay on the video.

In the clip, Courtney can be seen with her chair pulled out behind her, and a mess of food on the floor in front of her. 

Squatted down with a napkin, she scoops up the food her kids left behind, and urges all parents to do the same. 

@courtneywitucki If you’re not cleaning up after your kids i really hope you’re leaving a fat tip😭😭😭#babytok#babiesoftiktok#babyledweaning#blw#momsoftiktok#momsoftiktokclub#momlifebelike#motherhood#dadsoftiktok#momof2#boymom#girlmom ♬ Hide Away – Daya

“If you’re not cleaning up after your kids i really hope you’re leaving a fat tip,” she continued in the caption. 

Moms Across TikTok Weigh in on Cleaning Up After Your Kids in Public

After her video went viral with over 2 million views in just three days, users flooded the comments with mixed reactions to her call to clean up. 

Several users questioned why this was an unpopular opinion, suggesting it’s simply the right thing to do. 

“You would think,” Courtney responded. 

But no matter how much it might seem like common courtesy, the shared experience of several moms in the comments proves otherwise.

“I get so many stares doing this but I would rather be stared at for this than leaving a huge mess,” one user wrote.

“YES! When people say ‘They get paid to clean it up’ drives me nuts. it’s called respect,” wrote another

Another said, “I love this not only because I’m a server but also because I feel like your kid watching you clean up the mess teaches them young that messes are not great.”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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