Motherhood Is Kingdom Work

I hear it from the mouths of mothers every day in stores, parks, at moms’ groups and church. Sometimes even from my own.

This kind of “woe-is-me” sentiment that undermines the joy of motherhood is peppered in our chats during playdates and fellowship times.

And Satan just loves that.

He has a special hatred for women because they are life-givers. Mothering represents laying down your life for another, which represents the Gospel.

Any aversion to self-sacrifice will serve his purposes beautifully.

He hates when you teach your kids about God and His Word. So he makes motherhood something to be tolerated, instead of savored. Something to “get through,” instead of a purposeful mission.

He convinces us that Psalm 127:3-5, which says children are a blessing and gift, is an outdated verse from a more primitive time.

Because He knows that, if we’ve raised them biblically, they will be launched from our home as arrows aimed directly at the kingdom of darkness. He knows you play the most important role of anyone.

The truth is that mothering is Kingdom work, and essential to the Great Commission. This is why it is so viciously attacked.

When we understand this, then the daily drudgery of cleaning up messes, changing diapers, and breaking up fights turns into our worship. Instead of enduring and complaining about the children we’ve been entrusted to raise, we consider them a ministry opportunity.

Because it is our calling to gently lead our children’s hearts toward Jesus in all of the seemingly monotonous, irritating “distractions” throughout the day. And it has very little to do with convenience, and everything to do with sacrifice.

Marisa Boonstra
Marisa is a homeschooling mom of two and author of Bucking The System: Reclaiming Our Children’s Minds For Christ, published in January 2016. She writes to encourage women to find purpose and joy in their God-given calling as mothers, helping them raise children with a biblical worldview. She relies on Jesus and coffee to get her through the day, and loves marveling at the cultural differences between New Jersey where she grew up and Oklahoma where her family has been transplanted! You can find more of her writings over at

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