WATCH: Mom Switches Baby in TikTok Prank—Catches Dad’s Sweet Reaction on Camera

Baby Swap

Well friends, we’re about halfway through 2021, and if there’s one thought I’ve had over and over again this year, it’s “what was life like before TikTok?”

The social media platform peaked during the pandemic when all of us 30-somethings found unexpected joy from choreographing a dance routine worthy of The Backstreet Boys. But in the months since, TikTok has remained a place where we learn new things, watch new things, and find some strange form of interconnectedness that the world is desperately seeking right now.

This week’s TikTok roundtable is brought to you by Kat Stickler, a mom whose “baby swap” prank has racked up more than 2 million views.

Kat set out to test her husband’s observation skills by switching their daughter out for a friend’s baby.

@katsticklerWhy did I think he wouldn’t notice 🤦🏻‍♀️ #coupleprank #momsoftiktok #4u #fyp #reaction♬ original sound – Kat

The video starts with Kat introducing the two baby girls— their own daughter, MK, and a friend’s baby, wearing MK’s bow.

After coming home from the park with MK, Kat wheels the stroller into the living room where her iPhone is secretly recording, and asks her husband, Mike, to get MK out of the stroller.

Mike agrees, then pauses as he does a double-take at the baby in the stroller in front of him. He stares for a “hot minute,” as Kat’s on-screen text reads, then alarmingly declares, “This is not our baby.”

Immediately, Mike goes into full-on daddy mode. His panic visibly grows about the whereabouts of his daughter, who he believes is missing, while he simultaneously picks up and cradles the mystery baby his wife brought home from the park.

Kat lets the baby swap go for just a few seconds longer before swooping in and assuring Mike that it was all a prank.

She explains to her visibly relieved husband that the baby belongs to her friend Shannon who is right outside with MK.

TikTok users were impressed with how quickly Mike realized it wasn’t his baby, but more than that, they loved his gentle response to the mystery baby.

“Simultaneously has a heart attack and attends to his non-baby,” one commenter said.

“I love the fact that he was still so attentive to the baby while freaking out!” added another.

“The way he picks her up though and still cares is the sweetest,” said another.

Others were quick to criticize how mean the prank was. But while Kat set out to test her husband, I would argue she got a pretty sweet treat in return—seeing Mike’s love and daddy instincts on full display.

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