‘Apparently I’ve Been Using Trash Bags Wrong My Entire Life’—Mom Shares Brilliant Hack on TikTok

trash bags

I was today years old when I learned the “proper” way to use a trash bag, and it’s all thanks to a TikTok user who discovered we’ve been doing it wrong.

Hanna Ian, a mom and co-founder of professional organization company, Stored Simply, took to TikTok with a video about trash bags.

“So apparently I’ve been using trash bags wrong my entire life,” Hannah says, holding up a box of Hefty’s at the beginning of her video.

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She demonstrates how every single one of us opens a trash bag—by peeling apart the opening, then shaking it violently until it’s separated throughout.

“You’re not supposed to do that,” she says.

Hannah holds up a fresh bag from the box and holds up the seam on the outside, explaining that trash bags COME inside out.

Just like you would if you were filling a pillow, you want the seams to be on the inside of the trash bag when you fill it.

Hannah demonstrates that the correct way to insert a trash bag is by placing the opening on top of the trash can “like a hat.” Once it’s in place, simply push the bag down inside of the can. It’s that easy!

TikTok users flooded the comments, affirming Hannah (and the rest of us) in her lack of trash bag knowledge, admitting that they too did not know this was a “thing.”

“I got that beat. I am 61 and didn’t realize that. Thanks for [the] tip,” one commenter wrote.

“Why, why is TikTok teaching me more life skills [than] I learned in school!?!” another one added.

And a professional learner of the highest level even commented, “No worries darling! I have a PhD and didn’t know that either.”

While a large handful of comments agreed that this seemingly normal hack is new to all of us, many added that they plan to continue doing it “the old way” for various reasons.

“I never knew this, but I have to say, shaking it out is the fun part!” one user wrote.

“But then how will my wife let me know she’s mad?” wrote another.

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