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Marty Walden is a 50-something, average, imperfect wife, mom and nana. Having spent 23 years homeschooling her biological and adoptive children, she is now "retired" and spends her days pouring into a new audience. What began as a family journal is now a DIY/crafts/home decor blog, written from the heart of one who spent decades in survival mode, often discouraged and spent. Now she teaches women to make the most of what they have to create their own treasured home. She plans on having her first product out in 2018 to help women who struggle with clutter and overwhelm.  


columbine high school shooting

I Survived the Columbine Shooting, But Addiction Almost Killed Me

Austin Eubanks turned to drugs after surviving the horrors of the Columbine High School shooting. He's sharing his story so others will see that there IS a way out of addiction.