20 Things College Girls Should Know

It was a college football game weekend, and as my friend walked down sorority row with her teenage daughter, her daughter took it all in.

The energy. The buzz. The sea of people dressed in the school colors, full of excitement and hope. Out of the blue, her daughter asked a question.

“Mom, what’s the hardest part of college?”

Her mother said the first thing that came to mind: Saying no.

It was a funny answer, yet really true. Saying No is the hardest part of college.

Whether it’s No to Domino’s pizza at midnight, No to going out on Tuesday night because you need to study, or No to someone who is pushing you against your better judgment, it is beneficial and wise to get comfortable saying No.

Yet even with the invitations you pass up, college is unbelievably fun. It is a time of freedom, fun, and lifelong friends you’ll always feel close to because you help each other grow up.

Having four daughters, I think a lot about preparing them for college.

Here are 20 things college girls should know.

1. Boundaries are good, and it’s imperative to set boundaries for yourself because nobody will set them for you.

College is one season of life where you can compromise your values without anyone blinking an eye. With nobody to monitor you – making sure you study, take care of yourself, and choose healthy relationships – it’s important to set personal standards and decide in advance what you will and won’t do.

2. College is when you turn into the person who you’re going to be. Since friends play a MAJOR role in shaping this person, it’s important to choose your friends wisely.

The best friends are fun and good for you. There is strength in numbers, and finding friends on the same page with you helps you live out your convictions. It gives you allies who can say, “These are our goals. We can do it.”

3. Your friends fill in the gaps when you’re homesick. They become your family as you lean on them for comfort, advice, and strength. The new friends you make today will eventually be the old friends with whom you’ll share a long {and often hilarious} past.

4. What you put into your body matters. Whether it’s food, alcohol, or drugs, it impacts your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Love your body enough to protect it. Make healthy choices that help you feel strong and good about yourself.

5. Taking a few steps in the wrong direction can lead to more steps in the wrong direction. If you do something dumb, learn from it. Don’t repeat the same mistake or let your mistake become a pattern that’s hard to reverse later.

Kari Kampakis
Kari Kampakis
Kari Kubiszyn Kampakis is a mom of four girls, as well as an author, speaker, and blogger from Birmingham, Alabama. Her new book for moms, LOVE HER WELL: 10 WAYS TO FIND JOY AND CONNECTION WITH YOUR TEENAGE DAUGHTER, launches August 18 and can be pre-ordered through online retailers. Her two books for teen and tween girls, Liked: Whose Approval Are You Living For? and 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, have used widely across the country for youth group studies. Join Kari on FacebookTwitter, and The Girl Mom Podcast, or by visiting www.karikampakis.com.

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