Allyson Felix Brings Nursery to the Olympic Village for Mom Athletes and Their Families

Allyson Felix, the most decorated track and field athlete in history, is making headlines again—not for her athletic achievements but for her groundbreaking advocacy work for mothers in sports. Felix, with a record 20 World Championship medals and 11 Olympic medals, including seven golds, is partnering with Pampers to support the first-ever nursery in the Athletes’ Village for the upcoming Paris Olympics. This initiative will provide a crucial space for Olympic moms to bond, nurse, and play with their babies.

Felix’s journey to this point has been anything but smooth. After experiencing a near-death childbirth and being dropped by Nike for becoming a mom, she has become a powerful advocate for maternal health and rights. Her advocacy began after the traumatic birth of her daughter, Camryn, in 2018. Allyson Felix underwent an emergency C-section at 32 weeks due to severe preeclampsia, a condition that nearly claimed her life. This harrowing experience propelled her to speak out about the challenges faced by athlete moms.

In an interview with CBS Mornings, Felix shared her motivation behind the Pampers nursery initiative. “I just knew how difficult it was to compete at the top level after I had my daughter and some practical things were really hard,” she said. “So when I became on the Athletes Commission of the IOC, I really wanted to be that voice for athlete moms and just take away one less thing for them to worry about in the pressure of competition.”

The nursery, located in the heart of the Athletes’ Village Plaza, will offer a private space for parents and their babies to play, nurse, and escape the noise of the Olympic Games. Felix hopes this initiative will inspire more women to pursue both motherhood and their athletic careers without feeling they have to choose between the two.

Reflecting on the past, Allyson Felix noted the significant progress made in supporting athlete moms. “It seemed like not too long ago when a woman decided to become a mother, it was almost like a career ender,” she said. “I think we’re moving in the right direction. We’ve really pushed to be in a better place, and I think we’re seeing so many amazing athlete mom role models for the younger ones to look to.”

In addition to her work with Pampers, Felix has also received a $20 million grant from the Melinda French Gates Foundation to support Black maternal health. “I’m looking forward to deploying this money to organizations that are doing urgent work in the space and that will really get it to members of the community who are most at risk for complications, even death during pregnancy,” Felix said.

Bri Lamm
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