Dad’s EPIC ‘While Mom Is at Work’ Texts Will Make You Cry-Laugh ‘Til It HURTS

Bobby Wesson’s wife, Rayena, is a trauma nurse. But I GUESS he doesn’t feel like she has enough trauma at work, because one day when she was at work and he was home with their small son, he started texting her about their activities. (And then of course, he posted them to FACEBOOK!) It started off like this:


Apparently, Rayena was really excited about their upcoming family photo session.

Wesson thought he would NOT answer his wife’s calls and just keep texting her to buy himself some more time. That went over well!

He then went on to say “calm down”—a phrase every frantic mother LOVES to hear!

I mean, following up a “calm down” with an “it’s actually YOUR fault” isn’t what I would have gone with, but…I’m no Bobby Wesson.


ANOTHER “calm down”??? RIP, Bobby. RIP.

A POTATO?? I’m dead! I mean, from laughing, not from murder, like poor Bobby is gonna be.

Uh-oh, now Bobby DOES need Rayena’s help, and he’s up a creek. I guess he’ll have to figure out his own solution…

NOOOOO!! Any solution but that one!!

UMMM…this just got REALLY real.

Mom has officccciiallllyyyy LOST IT. UNTIL…


OH MY WORD! Now she has to kill him even MORE than before!!! I think she could get off with manslaughter.

Time to sleep with your eyes OPEN, Bobby Wesson. Eyes. OPEN.

Despite the fact that I literally WOULD kill my own husband if he did this to me, I have to admit I DID laugh til I cried at this one. So well played, Bobby!! I’m terribly sorry that it might be your last prank, though!

What would you do if your husband pranked you with your sweet baby’s HAIR?

All photos: Facebook/Bobby Wesson

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