The Parents Guide to Distance Learning: 45 Online Educational Resources

Reading & Writing

16. Brave Writer

Best for: A writing program to help refine your child’s writing skills. Brave Writer has programs available for kids ages 5-18 that incorporate original thought, mechanics, literature, and projects.

Age Range: Grades K – 12th

17. Classroom Cereal

Best for: Grammar practice. Classroom Cereal is for middle school-aged kids to practice grammar skills through free, printable short stories.

Age Range: Middle school-aged students (around 6th – 8th)

18. National Novel Writing Month — Young Writers Program

Best for: Aspiring young writers. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo for short) is a nonprofit organization to help users write novels through progress tracking, setting milestones, and connecting with a community of writers.

Age Range: All ages, but geared towards middle and high school-aged students

19. Night Zookeeper

Best for: Interactive writing lessons for younger children. Night Zookeeper has writing tools and lessons to help supplement your child’s writing class.

Age Range: Grades K – 8th

20. Quill

Best for: Anyone. Quill has free online writing tools for students K-12.

Age Range: Grades K – 12th

21. Reading Eggs

Best for: Anyone with younger children who need or want reading practice. Children learn to read through games, songs, rewards, and exploration through the website.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 8th

22. Storybird

Best for: Creative writing help for students of any age. Storybird has a library of artwork from around the world for kids to use to inspire creative writing and short stories.

Age Range: Grades K – 12th


23. Bedtime Math

Best for: Getting younger children excited about math. Bedtime Math has a few resources for parents, including two free apps for phones or tablets and non-screen math activities for at home.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 4th

24. CoolMath4Kids

Best for: Math-filled downtime. Arcade-style website CoolMath4Kids features a variety of math games for young children.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 6th

25. Mangahigh

Best for: Extra math practice. Mangahigh has both school and at-home programs for students to practice their math skills.

Age Range: Grades K – 12th

26. Math Games

Best for: Math study help for younger children. Math Games offers hundreds of games and worksheets in all core math topics for free online.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 8th

27. Mathseeds

Best for: Keeping younger children entertained while learning core math subjects. Children learn through games with interactive characters, songs, and reward-based challenges.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 4th

28. Zearn Math

Best for: Anyone looking for an in-depth math program for children ages 5-12.

Age Range: Grades K – 5th

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