The Parents Guide to Distance Learning: 45 Online Educational Resources

Now more than ever, parents need reliable at-home resources to help with homeschooling and distance learning. To help you find the right tools for your children, we’ve created an extensive list of reputable, crowdsourced websites that you can access at home, and many are offering FREE services right now.

Below, we’ve organized these resources by subject so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. No two kids are the same, so this is a great way to create an at-home program catered to your child’s needs. For a breakdown of each site’s features, or to read consumer reviews of each service, check out the complete Community Guide to Kids’ Online Educational Resources from our friends at Sitejabber.

General Learning

1. ABCmouse

Best for: Those with young children under 8 that are looking for a variety of subjects and activities. ABCmouse is offering free subscriptions right now, with access to thousands of activities that are organized on a “learning path” that becomes more challenging or complex with each level.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 2nd

2. Adventure Academy

Best for: Those with children ages 8 to 13 looking for a variety of educational resources in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Age Range: Grades 3rd – 8th

3. All Kids Network

Best for: Those looking for printable worksheets in a variety of subjects. All Kids Network offers thousands of options in many subjects, including Math, Reading, Writing, and Art.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 5th

4. BrainPOP 

Best for: Anyone. BrainPOP has an expansive offering of resources, including core classes in Science, Math, English, and Reading, as well as Health and SEL, Art, Music, Engineering, Technology, and more.

Age Range: Grades K – 8th  (Grades 9-12 coming soon)

5. Curiosity Stream

Best for: Parents looking for affordable access to educational documentaries.

Age Range: All ages

6. Funbrain

Best for: Indoor breaks or free time with an educational spin. Funbrain is a free site with hundreds of games, comics, videos, and reading material appropriate for children from Pre-K to 8th grade. 

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 8th

7. Highlights Kids

Best for: Another good resource for productive “free time” for younger children. Highlights Kids has jokes, quizzes, games, recipes, crafts, science questions, and more.

Age Range: Grades 1st – 6th

8. Jumpstart Academy Home

Best for: Parents with young children who need entertaining learning tools. Learning is done through games, activities, and worksheets.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 6th

9. Khan Academy

Best for: Anyone. Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational resources for anyone around the world with internet access.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 12th

10. National Geographic Kids

Best for: Productive free time or as a supplement to geography and science-based studies. National Geographic Kids offers free games, quizzes, videos, and science facts for anyone to access

Age Range: All ages, but mostly geared towards younger children

11. Outschool

Best for:  Small-group video classes in a variety of subjects. Outschool provides free or inexpensive live courses for children and teens of all ages.

Age Range: Grades K-12

12. PBS Kids

Best for: Productive breaks or free time with videos from popular PBS Kids shows.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 3rd

13. Scholastic Learn At Home

Best for: Daily supplemental readings and activities from all subjects to keep kids entertained. Scholastic Learn At Home has a variety of subjects, from Health and Science to fun topics like pop culture and food. 

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 9th

14. Super Teacher Worksheets

Best for: Those looking for a break from technology to use printable worksheets at home. Super Teacher Worksheets is available for parents and educators

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 6th

15. Testing Mom

Best for: Anyone. Testing Mom can supplement your child’s homeschooling in nearly any subject, with 100,000+ practice questions for students in Pre-K to 8th Grade.

Age Range: Grades Pre-K – 8th

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