5 Tips for Parents to Succeed With Online Learning This Fall

Your children are still enjoying summer, but you only have one thing on your mind: “Is it safe for my children to go back to school?” While it’s not out of the question in some areas, many schools will require online learning for at least a few weeks, and others have offered parents the option to keep children home regardless of in-person offerings. Online learning may be here to stay, but you can prepare your family for a smoother fall semester at home with these tips.

1. Coordinate With Teachers and Administrators

Before making any plans, check the latest information on school openings. Your child’s school or district is the best source for this information, and administrators can answer any questions you may have. Some schools have deadlines for choosing online learning, so stay aware of time constraints while you make your decision.

If your child has special accommodations, like an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or a 504 plan, they are still eligible for those services during remote learning. Summer is a great time to reach out to the teachers and staff responsible for these plans with your questions. Schools should have concrete methods for how to offer accommodations remotely and what you can do to make online learning a better experience for your child.

2. Search for Supplemental Resources Online

The move to remote learning has been challenging for everyone, especially students who may have a more hands-on or self-directed learning style. As a parent, you know that your child has their own way of learning and their own interests. Supplementing their education with online learning resources can help them study more effectively by offering alternative explanations for challenging concepts, providing quality “edutainment” to make the most of downtime, and encouraging children to continue learning about topics they find interesting, like music or coding. Best of all? Many of these resources are completely free.

3. Create a Daily Schedule

Education experts agree: Your family needs a schedule, and ineffective time management is an obstacle to online learning. Fortunately, you don’t have to stick to the eight-hour classroom structure! School psychologists suggest scheduling exercise, fun, family time, and screen-free learning opportunities alongside classroom time. Learning happens in many different ways, and varied activities help keep children engaged. Plus, if your child knows what they should be doing at a certain time, they may be less likely to interrupt you during work hours.

Emily Burton
Emily Burton
Emily Burton is a freelance writer interested in healthy living, family life and interior design. She graduated from college with an interior design degree, working as an interior designer for several years before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom. Emily’s writing interests include: life hacks, travel tips, family activities, cooking, health and fitness, do it yourself, working from home and budgeting. She has called the greater Phoenix area home her whole life and enjoys the everyday craziness at home with her husband and two sons.

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