Studies Find Link Between Parents’ Screen Time Habits & Kids’ Behavior

We talk a lot these days about the harmful effects too much screen time can have on our kids. But new studies suggest that increased cell phone usage among parents can also have a lasting negative effect on the tiny humans we pour our hearts and souls into.

Common Sense Media found that parents average more than nine hours per day on their devices. And our kids are taking notice.

In a recent interview with “NBC Nightly News,” three different parents admitted that their cell phones are a constant in their life.

“I have the device with me all day,” one dad said, adding that it’s with him most of the time that he’s awake.

Increasing concerns over parent smartphone usage and how it’s impacting kids

Studies have found a link between parents’ screentime and kids’ behavior, with one report finding that parents average more than nine hours a day on their phones.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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