School Brushes Off Mom’s Safety Concerns—So She Gets Herself a Yellow Vest

safety concerns

I have often said that I think moms can solve the world’s problems if given the opportunity; there is no common denominator that helps us understand one another like motherhood! But moms are also amazing at solving practical problems, not just relational ones, and Tennessee mom Danielle Jones is an AMAZING example of just that.

safety concerns

Jones, who is from Memphis, made officials at her kids’ school, Ross Elementary, aware of a serious traffic safety concern at school pickup, but says her concerns were dismissed. Jones told her local news station that at the end of the school day, cars lined up to pick up kids cannot see oncoming traffic if they are exiting the school parking lot to the left.

“These cars are going fast,” Jones told WREG. “When I contacted Shelby County [Schools] security and safety, they sent one car out. That man came and he left. He saw how hectic it was. He didn’t do anything. Something needs to be done before someone gets hurt.”

So what did Danielle Jones do to make sure ALL the kids and families of Ross Elementary were safe? She got herself a yellow traffic vest and some lights from a neighbor who works at an airport and she started directing traffic herself, YES SHE DID. That’s right, this mom took her safety concerns in her own hands and became the solution!

Her fellow Ross Elementary parents are pretty happy about Jones’ involvement. “It makes everybody feel safe,” said fellow parent Cindy Bell. “People can get out safe and don’t have to worry about oncoming traffic. It makes it easier.”

For her part, Jones just says she wants everyone to be safe at school pick-up time. Thanks to her efforts, everyone is already much safer than they were! Kudos to this problem-solving mama bear for not taking “no” for an answer and getting in there to protect kids and families!

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