Don’t Sugarcoat Your Motherhood Stories for New Moms

Don’t tell her sugarcoated stories.

When she asks you what motherhood is like, tell her that it’s like climbing Mount freakin’ Kilimanjaro and that every day you feel like there’s a chance you won’t’ make it and that you just might fall off the side of the mountain.

Then inform her that if that ever does happen, you’re pretty darn sure that when you “land” — sure, we’ll call it that — you’re kids will be right there at the bottom waiting for you ready to ask for a snack.

And, that your husband will have missed all of the excitement because he, like his expected self, was in the bathroom takin’ an hour-long fake dump.

That’s really what motherhood is like.

So, tell her that.

Don’t tell her sugarcoated stories.

When she asks you what motherhood is like, tell her to imagine she’s alone on a beach, with her toes in the sand, her bangin’ body in a bikini, a drink in one hand, and a book in which she can lose herself in the other. Then tell her that you hope she enjoyed her daydream and inform her she will no longer have time for that -ish — the beach, the body, the book, and the fantasy.

Don’t freak her completely out, though. You can let her know the drink in one hand is still doable.

That’s really what motherhood is like, and though depending upon the time of day and the day of the week that drink very well may be coffee or tea and not wine or beer, the fact is that every mother has got to keep her cup filled because, as the saying goes, she can’t pour from an empty one.

So, tell her that.

Don’t tell her sugarcoated stories.

But, you can also tell her how those kisses from her kiddos will taste better than sugar and that she’ll want to overdose on them.

When she asks you what motherhood is like, tell her it’s like nothing anyone will ever be able to accurately and adequately explain because it’s just that beautiful and unique to each of us.

When she asks you what motherhood is like let her know that it’s different for all women, but what she can count on is that:

She’ll grow some humans.

Those humans will evolve, and she’ll help with that.

She’ll experience her own growth.

And, without a doubt, there will always be a sisterhood of women with whom she can share sugar-coated stories.

This piece originally appeared at Jthreenme, published with permission.

Nicole Merritt
Nicole Merritt
Nicole Merritt is a mother of three, a freelance writer, co-host of I Am The Worst Parent Ever Podcast and the Owner and Founder of jthreeNMe; an imperfectly authentic peek at real-life marriage, parenting, and self-improvement. jthreeNMe is raw, honest, empowering, inspiring, and entertaining; it’s like chicken soup for those that are exhausted, over-stressed and under-inebriated, yet still utterly happy. Nicole's work has been featured by NBC's TODAY Show, Love What Matters, Scary Mommy, The Good Men Project, Elephant Journal, CafeMom, Popsugar, Motherly & many others. You can follow Nicole at and as @jthreeNMe on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter!

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