Mom Chooses Postpartum Depression Tattoos: ‘It’s Me Surviving’

Lucy quickly learned that she had postpartum depression. Her diagnosis started her road to recovery, which led her to Postpartum Progress.


“Fast forward to today, I am a mother of two, a Warrior Mom Ambassador, leading my fifth Climb Out of the Darkness event, certified in Mental Health First Aid, and working on my certification through CAPPA as a postpartum doula. It is no exaggeration that my experience has significantly shaped my life as a mother, and Postpartum Progress has played a large role.”

Facebook / Lucy McEwen

The postpartum depression tattoos tell the story of hardship and victory.

Postpartum Progress’ Warrior Mom logo “depicts a strong woman who does the best she can to care for herself and her baby, protecting them both by fighting her illness with treatment and support from others.” Knowing that a warrior mom is exactly what she is, Lucy headed to the tattoo parlor with two of her closest girlfriends to ink the logo on her permanently.

Facebook/Lucy McEwen


“I look at my wrist at my Warrior Mom (who I’ve since learned is upside-down in tattoo world, but is right-side up to me!) and think, That’s me. That’s me, and that little baby represents my children. And that shield is everything I have chosen to do to protect myself. Every hard day I survived, every time I went through the drive-thru because it was better than not eating at all. Every time I cried in the bathroom so my kids wouldn’t see and think they had done something wrong. Every chicken nugget I popped in the oven, every hour of television I let them watch. It’s me, surviving. It’s me, powering through. It’s me doing everything it takes to stay here, day after day, and push through the bad days for the sake of the good moments. And I will never stop fighting.”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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