Pink Shoes and Labor Pains: A Letter to My Daughter


Dear Emma,

Twelve years ago these bubblegum shoes, along with my very pregnant, hospital-gowned self, waddled the halls of a Nashville maternity ward in effort to distract while encouraging the inevitable birthing process to hurry up and get a move on. I remember laughing- half amused, half embarrassed- over the spectacle of my pink sneaker/open-in-the-back-gown combo, hoping aloud no one I knew happened upon me in such a state. Arm in arm with Rob and heart to heart with our very soon to be born baby girl, the pink shoes and I took our last stroll ever, before entering the long painful night of labor and emerging in the early pre-dawn hours a mother.

Sarah Richmond
Sarah Richmond
Sarah Richmond is a writer, photographer, thinker and  deep-feeler. Through keenly listening to her own life Sarah shares stories from her journey to encourage others along the transformative adventure of knowing the true nearness of their Creator. She believes we are all on a pilgrimage of wonder-finding our way Home- and a road walked together towards wholeness is always worth taking. Sarah lives in Tennessee with husband of nearly 20 years, her three children (the minis) ages 12, 8, and 6, and her furry BFF, a goldendoodle named Hurley. Sarah would love to connect with you at her website: and on Instagram (@awefullsarah).

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