For Right Now, This is My Offering

Sometimes I get bogged down in this season of my life.

Before the kids were born I was able to spend hours in my Bible. Even after Evelyn was born I was still facilitating the ladies Bible study in our town at the time. I attended every simulcast I could, journaled diligently, cleaned our church as my little ministry.

Now, worship music in the background while the kids scream is sometimes all I get and toddler bedtime prayers are our version of small group sessions.

Now, I talk to God over dishes and laundry–Not with tea and a journal.

But, guess what? He still comes. He still brings peace, mercy, grace. Even on my worst days where I can’t see the blessings, He shows up somehow or someway.

It’s a season, and He put me in it. Someday, the house will be quiet and there will be endless hours of meditation. Right now, toddler prayers and “Jesus Loves Me” are our offering.

Lydia Kyle
Lydia Kyle
Lydia Kyle is a wife and mother living in the rural Southwest. She and her husband manage a large ranch raising kids, cattle, and horses. Her ultimate joy is being able to raise her children in wide open spaces where lessons in hard work, stewardship, and simplicity abound.

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