How to Celebrate Christmas When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating

As someone who finds Christmas as the only redeemable aspect of the awful season of winter, I am honestly anticipating the most wonderful time of the year with a little bit of backseat dread in my heart.

For the past 5 months, my family has been living out of boxes in our home.  Back in April, we had a soot puffback in our house from our oil burner.  As a result, we had to pack up and empty out our entire house (I mean, entire house) and put it in a POD so it could be cleaned, repainted
and re-floored.

Our 3-year plan had been to put our house up for sale once we got it fixed up and ready to sell. Well, the insurance company did that for us, so when we packed up, we really packed up. We purged a lot of our belongings, only bringing back in the house what we really needed. The rest stayed packed up in boxes.

Well, after a deal falling through, a short break from selling, and now newly listing our house again, we are still living out of boxes.

And that’s why I’m dreading Christmas this year. Will we still be in our home? Will we be in the middle of moving? How can we celebrate when our whole existence is up in the air?

I’m resigning myself to accept this ‘forced simplification.’   But I won’t lie.  It’s been hard. It’s been a tough time.

So how do you Celebrate Christmas When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating?

Christmas can be tough for a lot of different reasons.  Maybe it’s financial trouble.  Maybe it’s sadness over strained family relationships.  Maybe it’s marriage strife or health issues or the loss of a loved one.  A few years ago, for 2 Christmases in a row, I was only weeks out from both of my miscarriages when Christmas rolled around.

As the matriarchs of our families, it’s pretty much expected that we are going to head up the festivities.  Sometimes, you just don’t feel like celebrating.

What then?

Kate Landry
Kate Landry
Hi, I’m Kate. I’m a former high school English teacher turned SAHM to my twin toddlers, our miracle babies after 2 miscarriages and struggles with infertility. A Hundred Affections is about helping busy moms balance faith, family, home, and health. When I’m not blogging or chasing my boys, I’m busy trying to figure out how to balance faith, family, home, and health. I’ll let you know when I have it all sorted out. Should be any day now... Read more from Kate at, or follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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