Pedophiles Are Searching for Your Child on Social Media — Here are the Hashtags Putting Your Kids at Risk

But just because you know a person doesn’t mean they are not a child predator, she added, pointing out several instances where police officers, pediatricians, and other respected members of the community have been busted for possession of child pornography.

“The point is not to scare parents from sharing photos of their kids on social media,” Yoost said. “It’s to help them do it in a safe way.”

Child Rescue Coalition recommends parents ask themselves these four questions before posting any image of their child online:

1. Why am I sharing this?

2. Would I want someone else to share an image like this of me?

3. Would I want this image of my child viewed and downloaded by predators on the Dark Web?

4. Is this something I want to be part of my child’s digital life?

Their message to parents is simply a reminder that while your kids are YOUR kids, it’s still THEIR privacy.

“We’re choosing to share their images online and we need to make sure their privacy is being thought of and protected,” Yoost said.

To learn more about Child Rescue Coalition and their work, visit them online at

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