Parents Unplug Ring Device After 3-Year-Old Hears Male Voice Offering Him Ice Cream at Night

Parents on TikTok are a little more weary of their security cameras this week after a clip of a little boy hearing a strange voice speaking to him through his Ring camera went viral on the platform.

Over 15 million people have watched mom, Fran Chelle’s cryptic video of her and her husband learning of the strange voice from their freaked out 3-year-old son at bedtime.

@franchelle0 Reply to @emelyn_o we unplugged the camera that night… #hacker #ringcamera ♬ original sound – Fran Chelle

In the video, Fran’s husband is seen putting their son to bed. After leaning over to kiss the little boy,  he goes to leave the room.

That’s when the toddler becomes visibly scared and starts pointing to the camera.

“Up there, up there, Daddy,” he says in Spanish.

The dad goes to the camera and asks, “This? You don’t want it? Why?”

“Because talking,” the little boy replies.

“At night?” the dad asks. When the little boy confirms, Dad calls for Fran to come in the room.

“Junior is saying the camera is talking to him at night,” he says.

Fran enters and immediately begins asking their son follow-up questions.

“This is talking?” she asks, pointing to the camera. Their son confirms. “What is it saying?” she asks.

“It’s saying… Want ice cream,” the boy replies.

“Is it a girl, or a boy?” Fran asks.

“A boy,” their son replies with zero hesitation.

In a different video previously posted to Fran’s TikTok, the family is gathered in Junior’s room, when the little boy stops what he’s doing and points up at the camera saying, “oh no!”

@franchelle0 We called @Ring customer service, but they said no one has breached my account. #hackers #securitycameras #ringcameras ♬ Thinking with My Dick (feat. Juicy J) – Kevin Gates

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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