“Protect Your Kids”—TikTok Mom Shares Warning of App Feature Predators Are Using to Exploit Your Kids

In a follow-up video, Jess shares that her TikTok account has since been flagged for violating the platform’s community guidelines. Her account was reported and her ability to comment on anything was disabled.

@hashtagfacts Replying to @hayes_cc #greenscreen i will not #stopfighting #protectthekids #protectourkids #wren #parentsbeware #momtok #parenttok #fyp ♬ original sound – o v e r . I t

“All for sharing information about children being exploited,” she says.

Viewers flocked to the comments again with praise and gratitude.

“Coming from someone who doesn’t have kids, I wasn’t aware of how bad the issue was until a creator posted about it. I’m grateful for creators like you,” one wrote.

“Never stop fighting the good fight! You have an army fighting right along with you, another encouraged.”

While the overwhelming response to her informative video was positive, there were, believe it or not, people who took to the comments to defend Wren Eleanor’s mom.

The moral of this story is, think hard before posting photos and videos of your children online. Be on guard, stay educated, and watch for disturbing behavior—like saves and follows.

Our kids’ safety is worth SO much more than what may seem like an innocent post online.

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm is the Editor of foreverymom.com. An outgoing introvert with a heart that beats for adventure, she lives to serve the Lord, experience the world, and eat macaroni and cheese all while capturing life’s greatest moments on one of her favorite cameras. Follow her on Facebook.

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