Dear Daughters, Sex Is Beautiful and FUN. Here’s Who I Want You to Have It With

There aren’t that many things in this life that I believe we are called to demand of others. But, this thing, girls, this demand that I am laying before you today, is a big one. It is a demand that goes against everything society is telling you to do. It’s one that will make you seem alternative and will make you feel redeemed and will help you see yourself as God sees you.

Demand that boys respect your body and your soul.

Because here is a deep down truth that I want you to understand. When they disrespect your body, they are disrespecting your soul. When they protect your body, your precious, God-breathed, flesh and bone, they are loving your soul.

I’m not sure how it came to be that girls decided that they weren’t going to demand this respect from the boys in their life. I’m not sure why, when boys started asking for pictures that girls started sending them. I’m not sure why girls moved from being insulted by sexual advances from people they hardly knew to being flattered by them.

Have we failed you so badly, sweet girls, that you truly believe that you are worth nothing more than a one-night stand? That you are only useful when you are naked? That you are liberated by meaningless sex when we can all see that you are so entangled and enslaved by it?

No. God made you for so much more.

Let me tell you about the man that you should look for in this life. Look for a man who is interested in your well being above all else. Look for a man who treasures the gift of your sexuality–I’m not talking about treasuring naked pictures of you or treasuring an unfeeling sex act carried out in shameful secret. Look for a man who adores your sexual gifts so much that he protects them. Look for the man who recognizes how precious you are, body and soul, and who shows you by revering sex as something that should only happen within the safe confines of a loving marriage. And, when you are looking for this man, your dating life should be nothing but demands.

Start now.

In case no one has ever told you, you should be infuriated, incensed, disgusted, and hurt when a boy you hardly know tries to coerce you to have sex. Trust me, dear ones, if you are anything less, then you have far too low a view of yourself.

Sex is fun. It’s beautiful and good. But, don’t make the mistake of being flippant about sex or your body. Don’t settle for being just another member of an uncaring boy’s harem. Look for a man who prizes you and your body, who knows that you are lovingly created in God’s image, and that your body is a gift that belongs to your husband alone. It’s never too late to demand the respect your body and soul deserve. Today is the day. Make some demands, and know your worth.


This post originally appeared at Your Mom Has a Blog.

Melissa Edgington
Melissa Edgington is a Jesus-loving mom of three great kids and a pastor's wife who loves blogging about faith and her life's adventures at the (hilariously named!) Your Mom Has a Blog. You can also catch her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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