Teacher’s Viral Rant Calls Out ‘Disrespectful, Coddling’ Parents

UPDATE: Thank you, everyone for your words of support! I’m feeling a little shell-shocked over the attention I have gotten, to say the least. This is something I had no way of anticipating and have taken a few days to come to terms with.

I never intended to be a spokesperson for anything. I’m not the most qualified to do so, and I’m certainly not the best teacher out there, by far. But obviously my words, spoken in desperation that day, have struck a chord with many people. My Facebook Messenger inbox has been inundated with comments from teachers and others worldwide in agreement and support of my post.

If I could have the moment back, I might have said some things differently. For one, I would have pointed out that I have many amazing, hard-working, respectful students who show up every day and give their best and also many supportive, loving parents. For them I am thankful and hope I haven’t offended. But my frustration was also in their behalf. Because the actions of some are hindering their educational experience.

I believe this post resounded with so many because it speaks to three main issues we must address as a society:

First, the education system as we know it needs reform. It is broken and inadequate for our children.

Second, we absolutely have to hold our children to a higher standard of accountability in all areas. Inflating their success doesn’t raise self-esteem. If it did, we wouldn’t have the highest teen suicide rates in history right now.

Third, we as a society have to get back to treating one another with manners and respect. We are only going downhill with hatred and name-calling. No one wins when kindness dies.

I am a woman of faith and have been quite reflective this week on the good that I can bring to this world because of this experience. I have decided to (as soon as feasible) start blogging my feelings on all of the above and hope many of you will join me in the discussion. If we all work together, we can make the changes we need for our collective success.

I wanted to let you read Marburger’s words unedited as she wrote them and save my commentary until the end, and I love what she added after her post started to go viral. Her frustration is a perfect example of the old adage “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch.” Even if it’s a minority of disrespectful parents raising even more disrespectful kids, it’s still enough to cause a great amount of heartache and emotional burn out among our teachers, and that is NOT ok! We as parents should listen to Marburger and other teachers like her and do whatever we can to step up and help not just our own kids, but help other parents foster attitudes of respect and diligence in the classroom.

Marburger says she is a woman of faith, and she and I have that in common. Her post has inspired me to pray for her and other teachers in our country. I already pray for my kids’ teachers but I realize that now more than ever, teachers are under fire. There are SO many good ones struggling to do their best with limited resources and support. I hope you will vow to pray with me, and do your part to help support your kids’ teachers, too.


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Jenny Rapson
Jenny Rapson
Jenny is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor.

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