The Rampant Epidemic Affecting our Kids: From Innocence to Entitlement

The source of entitlement

The root of the problem seems to be two-fold, a progression of society away from biblical principles and parents who condone such behavior.

Society encourages children to want more and to expect that the finer things in life are coming to them, regardless of the cost.  Mom and Dad should provide luxury items, and sacrifice regardless of the expense so children can have the latest technology and material possessions.

Parents fuel the fire by not putting boundaries, not saying no, or not having children work towards earning things, such a cell phone.

Also, many parents encourage the mind-set that life revolves around the children, and are not teaching the life lesson about serving others.

Children also see parents going to bat for them against teachers, coaches, and authority figures, thus demeaning the role in the child’s life, and fostering an attitude of disrespect.

If a child isn’t held accountable by mom and dad for actions and responsibilities, there will be no respect for those in authority.

Can we reverse the epidemic or prevent the decline from innocence to entitlement?

I wish I could say I had the answer to this all figured out and families would desire change.

But I do believe with boundaries placed within the home, there can be change within a family, which sparks change in a community, and is contagious.

Parents can…

– Say no to children at an early age

– Teach children God’s Word and how to walk according to His promises

– Don’t be afraid to have the family make changes and go against the norms of society

– Surround your family with friends who do the same

– Encourage children to be others focused, not selfish

– Make children earn material goods, and limit possessions as teachable moments about life

– Show respect, as parents, to all authority figures, even when you disagree, and encourage your child to do the same

– Don’t expect perfection

Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann
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