Your Blended Family Is Going to Fail

Being a blended family is tough work. You don’t just have to figure out how to make life work inside your home, you also have to figure out a way to make life between two or more homes work. Navigating co-parenting with another family is not for the faint of heart and is another post altogether.

I’d like to say we get it right all the time and that love always trumps the hard times, but I’d be lying. I’d like to say grace is always given when we tread on bumpy terrain, but I’d be lying. I’d like to say that we never doubt the choices we’ve made, but sometimes none of our choices make any sense at all and I wonder how the heck we got here in the first place.

Having a blended family is hard work

Blending families takes more than most of us are equipped with, and because of that, the failure rate is through the roof. The brutal reality of it all is that your blended family is going to fail, and over and over again, you’ll fail at trying to make it work.

You’ll fail at never having feelings of resentment.
You’ll fail at swallowing your pride.
You’ll fail at relinquishing some control and allowing another person discipline your child.
You’ll fail at showing compassion and grace.
You’ll fail at keeping jealousy under wraps.
Your family will fail at not being territorial inside your own home.
Your family will fail at making love completely equal between all its members.
Your family will fail at pretending it’s easy.
Your family will fail at wanting to make it work.

But through all the rough spots, you’ll find immense beauty.

Candice Curry
Candice Curry
Candice Curry is a wife and mom of six precious children. She writes about her loving God, forgiveness, suicide, and autism at her blog, and has been featured on the Today Show, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and the New York Daily News among other publications.

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