Your Blended Family Is Going to Fail

There will be the moments when the light shines through the cracks. There will be the moments when the broken pieces will come together to make a stained glass window that others will look through and see nothing but beauty. They’ll see all the different colors, shapes, and sizes and stare in awe at how it all came together so perfectly.

There will be the times when you watch your spouse love and parent your child as their own, and it will bring up a love so deep you can’t even imagine how it contains itself inside your heart. There will be a time when your spouse’s child kisses you and tells you they love you, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived your life without them. There will be times when your children walk hand in hand with your spouse’s children, and you’ll know that you are teaching them to love far beyond any boundaries.

Your blended family is going to fail.

They’re going to fail over and over, but they’re also going to prove that love and grace can outshine any darkness. They’re going to show others how broken things can be mended, maybe not back to the way they were, but in a way that lets the light shine through the cracks and heal the hurts.


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Candice Curry
Candice Curry
Candice Curry is a wife and mom of six precious children. She writes about her loving God, forgiveness, suicide, and autism at her blog, and has been featured on the Today Show, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and the New York Daily News among other publications.

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