And I Thought I Loved You Then

When I find another wrinkle or another grey hair, he tells me I get prettier with age — I fall in love again.

Some say love is blind. I disagree. To know true love is to go in eyes wide open and see each other wholly and completely with love and acceptance. Encouragement and patience. True love is what happens when we are at our worst and helps us see the light.

True love is about falling in love every day.


This piece originally appeared at My 3 Sons, published with permission.

Andrea Smolin
Andrea Smolin 
Andrea is a Resource Teacher in Virginia Beach, wife to a police officer, and mommy to three wild and amazing little men. She is passionate about working hard, equality, and living a healthy life. She is a lover of all things- especially when they involve caffeine and wine. Her work has been featured through Her View from Home, Scary Mommy-It’s Personal, Motherly, Today Parents, Kidspot, Reader's Digest, Red Mill Living, Pregnancy Corner, Kindness Matters, and Love What Matters. When she isn't dreaming of saving the world, she is chasing after her three boys. Follow her on her Facebook page: or on Twitter @Andreapsmolin

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