What “Honor Your Husband” Looks Like When You Make More Money

I told her it has taken six years, but finally, my stubborn heart has learned what it means to respect my husband.

As my income has been stripped and my ability to make and do have been severely impacted, I’ve been forced to come to John in submission.  I’ve asked for his help.  I’ve had to lean on him in more ways than ever before.

And he has met my surrender with an insane amount of grace.

Turns out he had been waiting on me.  He had been waiting on me to get off my high horse and let him lead.

And lead he has.  In a season where I am darn near close to drowning on most days, John is thriving.

I’ve never seen him so strong.

He has testified to my heart over and over again that he can be trusted.  He will not abuse my weakness and he will not pressure me to get back out there and produce.

No, instead he has said:  Just rest.  Just heal.  Just breath.  I’ve got you.  I’ve got us.  I am going to lead you out of this season.  I am going to lead us.

And as a result, my heart, has been overwhelmed with admiration for John’s response to my shortcomings.  I’ve fallen more in love with him.  But more than anything, I’ve learned what true respect in marriage looks like.

If you are reading this, I hope your heart can’t relate to a word of it.  If you are a female, and wear the hat of breadwinner, I hope you have handled this title with far more grace than I have.  But if you feel these tensions, can I challenge you to make a change?  It took a hell of a storm for my prideful heart to learn what true respect for my mate looks like and I don’t want that for you.


An action prayer:


Forgive me.  I want to submit to you.  I want to honor the command to respect my mate.  Show me how.

Thank you for the gift of being able to make and do…but Lord, cleanse me.  If these things are hindering my ability to respect my husband, clean house.

Provide the wisdom to know how to do better.  And then help me do better.  I long to be a wife that respects her husband.


Gotta admit.... I disrespected my husband because he made less money than me. But then I realized my wrong in doing that. Here's how I keep myself in check.

Megan Ramsey
Megan Ramsey
Megan Ramsey is a real estate agent by day and wordsmith by night. You can visit her blog over at recklessremainer.com That title pretty much sums her up: just a girl learning what it means to recklessly remain in Him.

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