15 Ways Having A Third Child Changed Me

Considering having a third child? Parenting is a journey. We start out very fresh, bright eyed and innocent. Our first baby, or babies in my case, come along and we have never been more careful, conscientious, and consumed with anything in our whole lives. As we get a little more seasoned and add a few more babies to the mix, we have no choice but to loosen up. We’ve learned more, we’ve relaxed, and we’ve learned to trust our parenting skills enough to not lose our mind over every little mishap. We understand we won’t be perfect parents and we don’t have perfect kids, and we just have to go with the flow. You might think having a third child will be the end of you. But it’s made me more laid back!

I consider myself to be a very good mother, and I have at least 3 tiny witnesses that I believe will back me up. I’ve always been a fairly laid back mom, but here are 15 ways I’ve changed since my first two were born and we decided we would be having a third child.

15 things I stopped doing after having a third child:

1. Freaking out if they so much as reach for something that touched the floor.

Not only do I let them eat off the floor, I prefer it. It’s going to end up there anyway so let’s just cut out the middle man.

having a third child
Spilled some crunchies or cheerios on the floor? No problem…picnic time!

2. (Along with number 1) Dying over every repulsive thing they put in their mouth.

The list of disgusting things my boys have found on the floor and put in their mouth is too great, and too embarrassing to list. A few items include a centipede, poop, a goldfish from the playground, and a cigarette butt in the parking lot. A small piece of me does still die, but I dig down deep, remember they’re boys, wash it out with milk and move on!

having a third child
Poop or dirt? Still not sure!


having a third child
At least my son won the fight!

Please don’t call CPS….I really am a good mom!

3. Hand washing and sterilizing every little thing.

No ma’am! There is no time, and it builds immunity anyway! We wash when necessary and that is all.

4. Grossed out by puke, poop, or spit up.

Warrior up! Nothing grosses me out…. I’ve grabbed poop with my bare hands, caught floating turds in the bathtub, had throw up shot directly inside my mouth, been peed on…the list is endless. Bring it on boys!

5. Afraid to bring anyone out in public.

This one never slowed me down much but I did have anxiety at times. Now? Load em up, move em out! We’ve got places to go!!

having a third child
This is how you turn a double stroller into a triple when no one has working legs.

6. Changing into a new outfit every time they spit up.

Are you kidding!? Either keep him naked or just make it a personal challenge to see how gross the shirt can get before you’re forced to change it. After having a third child I realized, the child doesn’t care, why should you!?

7. Allowing only a whole foods diet for my angels.

Have you tried to feed toddlers!?!? I’m happy if they just get in anything besides crackers and milk.

8. Enforcing no tv, or very limited tv.

Ok…! I owe much of my sanity to Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, and Dora. Thank you all for your love and dedication to entertaining and educating my precious peanuts so I can ever shower, exercise, or pee in peace.

9. Tending to every single peep and cry.

I still do this mostly, but if it’s 3 am…we’re waiting it out to see how serious they are. If it’s not the bad cry, I trust they can work it out themselves. Mama needs a few minutes of sleep!

10. Changing the diaper every time there’s a pee drop that hits it.

Again, Are you kidding me!? I already go through at least 20 diapers a day. An extra pee or two in there won’t kill ya! I have to practically wrestle them to the ground to change a poopy diaper anyway. If you love snuggling poop with your tiny tuckus, please, don’t let mom stand in your way!

11. Waking the baby if he pooped in his sleep.


12. Calling the doctor for every little whim.

Luckily I have a Mom who is a DNP, so Dr. Gigi does still get lots of calls and “come check this”s, but that doctor’s office won’t see us unless a body part has fallen off or we’re dying. And even then, it’s questionable because Dr. Gigi can handle all of that! And really, who has time for doctor’s offices anyway?

13. Keeping a strict bedtime schedule.

Well, this has never been me! I think routine is important and I do stick to the same bedtime routine every single night regardless of what time it happens. But I’m not going to never go anywhere with my boys because of a strict bedtime. This may change as they get older, but for now, I love that they are flexible and able to go with the flow. If we go to bed later, they sleep later the next day! If not, then I get less sleep, and whatever… I don’t get much sleep with the little guy anyway, so what’s a few extra lost hours!?

14. Constantly having anxiety about where they’re playing, what they’re playing with, and how they’re playing with it.

As long as no one is screaming or choking, (and I am close by to rescue anyone if need be) we’re good.

15. Losing sleep watching them sleep.

Mmm….sometimes, but mostly, NO! They’re precious, but in the morning, they’ll still be just as precious! We all need some freaking sleep!

having a third childIt is pretty precious!

Now I know this list makes me sound like an awful, careless, negligent mother. Don’t judge me! If you have more than one baby, and even if your one baby is just a little older, I think you’ll understand it’s possible to still be a good mom while loosening the strings just a tad. Is everyone still alive? You’re doing a great job then! 🙂 Parenting is a tough, messy, disgusting job sometimes; but it is equal parts amazing and beautiful. And you have to laugh along the way or you just might lose your sweet mama mind.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is how much I love and live for my babies. In fact, after having a third child, maybe that part has grown even more.

Rachael Boley
Rachael Boley
Rachael is a 29 year old single mom of 3 little nuggets-identical twin 2 1/2 year olds and a 14 month old. She works full time as an Oncology Social Worker, and in her "spare time," she wrestles, snuggles, and loves on her three boys. She moonlights as a blogger and writer, and spends her days learning to enjoy this crazy, messy beautiful life of single motherhood. Follow her on her blog Three Boys and a Mom and on her Facebook page , and read more of her writings at Divorced Moms.

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