3 Easy Ways to Teach Your Child Thankfulness

This positive reinforcement is a great conversation opener and sets the tone for the rest of our afternoon because it reminds my child what behavior I like to see and also reminds her that she is capable of being respectful and kind.

Show your children how to keep a gratitude journal.

Children are naturally great artists. They love to express themselves with pictures. I like to keep a binder full of all my daughter’s creative drawings. One of the ways you can use their creativity to help them learn to give thanks is to invite them to draw a picture of the things that make them happy.

Tell your child, “I am so glad these things make you happy. How would you feel if you didn’t have these things?” This conversation should be kept light, not dwelling on the “what ifs” but providing children with an opportunity to imagine their life without some of the things that bring them the greatest happiness. Show them how to collect their pictures and keep them in their own “Gratitude Journal.” Explain that the word “gratitude” means appreciating and saying “Thank you” for the things we have that make us happy.


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