Are Conservative Women the Happiest? This Report Says, ‘Yes!’

The survey covered economic issues

The American public continues to be concerned about inflation, and that concern is on the rise. Many are realizing their current income may not cover the rising cost of living.

“While American families expressed concern about rising prices last year, those concerns have increased this year, with nearly 9 in 10 Americans saying they are at least somewhat worried about inflation. Majorities say they have seen large price increases for food and transportation, and more than half expect that their incomes will not be able to keep up with prices in the coming years. While there are occasionally partisan dimensions to these concerns, it is a sweeping trend that worries most of our respondents.”

COVID-19 didn’t affect levels of loneliness as expected

Each of us has faced some of the most significant challenges over the last few years. The pandemic affected every aspect of our lives — health, relationships, economics, life’s logistics, and more.

“Intriguingly, in both 2021 and 2022, white and high-income respondents were more likely than others to say they needed physical health care,” the study reports.

Many are still affected by the isolation of the pandemic — and related quarantines. In-person interaction was drastically cut off, and video chats were offered as an alternative. While video conferencing didn’t quite meet the need of interaction, the survey didn’t report significant findings of loneliness associated with the pandemic.

“The pandemic did not bring with it a wave of increased loneliness, though both before, during, and after the pandemic, levels of loneliness are primarily tied to relationship status: those not in a relationship are much more likely to report feelings of loneliness.”

Survey responders answered questions about family life

The top three areas of concern for families were: economics, culture, and family structure and stability.

Within economics, families worry about rising inflation, work stress affecting family, lack of good jobs, and lacking government assistance programs.

People are also concerned about cultural changes reflected in religious faith and church attendance, drug and alcohol use, crime, and sexual permissiveness.

Families see a decline in parents disciplining their children, an increase in single-parent homes, a change in the definition of marriage and family, and a lack of quality time spent as a family.

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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