Are Conservative Women the Happiest? This Report Says, ‘Yes!’

“When it comes to the day-to-day lives of families, like eating dinner together, attending activities, doing chores, going out, socializing, or having family conversations about political and social issues, partisan differences tend to be small.”

Parents are doing their best to navigate a world where technology is useful and needed in everyday activities.

“Many Americans feel that technology benefits their relationships with their partners and with their children, though an even larger group is not sure that these tools make much difference, and the vast majority of parents feel that it is important to set boundaries on the media consumption of their children.”

And, respondents reflected on the strength of their relationships. The survey continues, “As in the past, the group most likely to report thinking their relationship is in trouble is younger respondents; almost half of those in a committed relationship between 18-29 years old and over 40% of those between 30-44 report trouble, and these numbers are even higher among non-married respondents. Among older respondents, 30% or fewer express concern.”

How are parents responding to questions about public schools?

With the rise of charter schools and private education, many families are still relying on public education. Naturally, parents answered questions about how they’re interacting with and assessing the public school system.

“Perhaps the overriding sentiment is that parents of all political commitments want to retain primary decision-making control over their local school policies and curriculum. Because liberal parents will have different priorities than conservative parents, one consequence is that parental control may lead to very different outcomes in Massachusetts than in Mississippi.

Across the board, parents agreed with sex education should be taught in schools. Though, overwhelmingly, they were dissatisfied with how the schools were approaching sex education.

Janna Firestone
Janna Firestone
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