Love Where You Live — 3 Ways to Make Your City Feel Like Home

Who can you join forces with and learn to love where you both live?

My friend candace and i love to swap city recommendations and travel tips. When we do, we also mention the names of the stylist, barista, and baker so that we can pick up where each other left off in an on-going conversation in our community. It’s like playing tag! Who will you play tag with in your city?

3. Talk About the Challenges

Wherever you live, we all face challenges. This has been an extremely challenging week for my family in San Francisco. I let traffic drive me crazy on 19th avenue, our neighbors were burglarized, friends were rear ended — not once, but twice. We might live in the city, but we’ve got some pesky furry critters messing with our trash cans around here.

Challenges make it hard to love where we live. but i’m learning that in talking with fellow neighbors who get the culture and quirks of community, we can help each other out and lift each other up. We’ve had some really good conversations with neighbors because of the burglary and it’s deepened trust with one another. In talking, we can say “me, too” and the place doesn’t feel quite so dark and hard. 

By being mindful of these steps and intentional in this season, you truly can learn to love where you live. What are some things you do to make your city feel like home?


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