Marathon Mom Swerves Past Her Kids to Win Race—Internet Rips ‘Entitled’ Husband to Shreds

A viral video of a mom just moments away from winning a half marathon has erupted across the internet this week after the runner’s husband put her in an impossible position and almost caused her to lose the race. 

“Marathon Mom ignores kids” is the literal search term for this incident across TikTok and other social media outlets, and it’s raising questions as to when moms get to have their moment.

It all started with a clip showing Luciana Lourencao, 37, running toward the finish line of the Presidente Prudente Half Marathon in Brazil.

A large yellow finish line stands before her, making it clear to viewers that she was not only about to finish the half-marathon, she was about to win the whole thing! 

As she comes barreling down the hill after running her tail off for 13.1 miles, she’s in full-blown race mode, when her husband on the sidelines decides THIS is the moment to unleash the couples’ two children on her. They naturally run straight for mommy who is in a full-out sprint to win, and is forced to make the split-second decision to run AROUND her children in her dash for the finish line. One of the little girls even begins to chase after mom while getting in the way of other runners finishing the race.

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She tears through the yellow tape with her arms in the air in full celebration, lets out a scream and hugs other runners. Her husband can be seen in the background shrugging as a fellow spectator clearly asked something about his decision to let his children not only become road blocks and distractions for their mother, but for several other runners in the process. 

Marathon Mom Wins, Dad Doesn’t Cheer

In the moments following her win, you can see her husband in the background—he doesn’t cheer, he doesn’t celebrate her accomplishment, his children are still running toward her, and he’s caught up in what seems to be a moment of embarrassment with another bystander. The seeming lack of support is loud in this very short, and very poignant clip. 

As you can imagine, the internet has eviscerated this man, labeling his lack of judgment as a much larger problem for moms and women everywhere. 

The comments section of the video is loaded with support for the mom and scathing observations of this dad’s horrible judgement.

“And this is what women mean when they say they’re a human being NOT JUST A MOM!!! Her time to shine! Good job!” Wrote one user. 

“Imagine how different this scene could’ve been if they had waited on the other side of the finish line,” another pointed out. “Just celebrating, all four of them.”

Another said, “This is a reallllly good example of the subtle way that some husbands treat their wives serious commitments outside of family life, like a joke or not serious, or just ‘for fun’.”

“I did this for my wife when she ran a half marathon,” one husband chimed in. “And we waited past the finish line like a normal bunch of humans.” 

“The audacity of him being confused of why she didn’t stop is baffling to me,” wrote another. “Congrats on the win momma you deserve it.” 

“He is the ONLY person BEFORE the finish line!” Another pointed out. “The guy coming in second hugging her is awesome!”

Bri Lamm
Bri Lamm
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