Quiz: Should I Be a Stay At Home Mom?

Have you ever wondered if you should be a stay at home mom? Or do you wish you could be a stay at home mom? Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is possible even if you’re not sure it would work out financially. Take this quiz to find out if being a stay at home mom will work for you!

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Other questions you may have a quick answers.

Can a stay at home mom:

  • build credit? yes
  • not feel guilty? yes
  • stay home even if husband doesn’t agree with it? yes
  • get an auto loan? yes
  • work from home? yes
  • get food stamps? yes
  • cause depression? depends
  • get medicaid? depends
  • get life insurance? depends
  • claim unemployment? depends
  • contribute to an ira? your spouse can contribute to a spousal ira
  • be excused from jury duty? depends

Rochelle Dorsey
Rochelle Dorsey
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