WATCH: Texas Couple Makes ‘Period Boards’ Every Month For Teenage Daughters

Visit from Aunt Flo. Ladies’ Days. On the Rag. That Time of the Month. The Red Badge of Courage. Crimson Tide. Checking Into the Red Roof Inn. Whatever you call it, women have been experiencing their periods since the beginning of time. And, creative and supportive parents, Michael and Tifany Allen-Ciota, create “period boards” for their daughters — each month.

Similar to a charcuterie board, the “period boards” include a variety of items — from the necessary to the comforting. The Ciotas start with a large, wooden board to hold the collected items.

They add a bottle of pain reliever, tissues, and pads to the board. Depending on the daughter, the parents will also include snacks such as crackers, chips, candy, and chocolate.

In the video, Allen Ciota mentions, “Your teenage daughter comes home and she’s emotional because it’s that time of the month, you want to meet her at the door with the Aleve and maybe some tissues. She might just be raging but you never know.”

Watch the TikTok rundown of ‘period boards’

The Texas couple posted a quick video on TikTok to explain the boards and how they make them special for their girls — each month.

“Charcuterie board? Nope! Period board! (Once a month show of support!) #charcuterie #butterboard #peanutbutterboard #monthly #period,” displays on the TikTok post.


Charcuterie board? Nope! Period board! (Once a month show of support!) #charcuterie #butterboard #peanutbutterboard #monthly #period

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Allen-Ciota went even further to encourage her viewers. She replied to a number of comments with parts of her own story of being raised by a single father.

A viewer commented, “My mom never even explained to me what a period was. I wish I had parents like you 🥺🥺🥺.” And, Allen-Ciota replied, “My parents gave me a book! 🤣”

When another viewer shared, “Why did I just tear up 🥺 y’all are awesome parents. I’m grown but can y’all adopt me lol 😂,” Allen-Ciota answered, “Absolutely! We’d love to have you! 🥰”

And, yet another viewer mentioned, “one time i asked my dad to get tampons for me bc my cramps were so bad that i couldnt move and he refused bc hes “a man and men dont get tampons.” Allen-Ciota sweetly replied, “That’s not fair! I was raised by a single dad and he was clueless! He asked the ladies at church for help! 🤣🤣🤣”

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Janna Firestone
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