Tips for Dealing with Anxiety During Pregnancy

Everyone faces anxiety from time to time. Pregnancy already comes with enough stress from morning sickness to your changing body, anxiety is the last thing any mama-to-be wants to deal with.

Pregnancy might bring anxiety in many ways. You might worry about risks that go along with your pregnancy, health problems, uncomfortable symptoms, or just the general worry about being a parent.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to these struggles, know you’re not alone, mama. Every soon-to-be mom has worries from time to time.

Here are some tips for dealing with anxiety during your pregnancy.

1. Talk to Your Partner

One of the first steps should always be to talk to your partner. They’re looking to support you in any way you need, and they might not even realize you’re struggling.

More often than not, your partner is experiencing similar anxiety. Whether they’re worried about your pregnancy symptoms or feel intimidated at the prospect of parenthood, it helps to talk through these feelings together.

2. Take a Parenting or Birthing Class

Most community centers and hospitals offer parenting or birthing classes for soon-to-be parents. Even if you feel like you’ve read all the books and blog posts you possibly could on the subject, these classes are a great way to feel more prepared. Not to mention, they’re an effective resource for building a network of other soon-to-be parents who “get it.”

Ask your doctor for recommendations about the best class for you and your partner. Learning from the pros should put your mind at ease!

3. Journal Your Feelings

Sometimes you just need to process those racing thoughts inside your head. Journaling is a simple way to carve out time for yourself, and you don’t need anything to get started.

You can write about your feelings, your day, your worries, or even just messages to your baby. Be raw and real about your emotions. This is the place to get everything down on the page and out of your mind.

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