20 Baby Products that Every New Mom Needs in 2020

Well friends, we are cruising on through 2020 and there has never been a better time to be a new mom! Seriously, the baby products available to us today would have been unthinkable at the start of the last decade. Everything from formula Keurig machines, to monitors that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat THROUGHOUT pregnancy, the market is loaded with anything to make this whole #MomLife a little easier.

But with all of the trendy new baby products on the market today, what’s a new mom to do? How do you know what is worth the bang for your buck?

Have no fear mamas, we’ve done all of the hard work for you.

We’ve compiled a list of mommy must-haves to take the guess-work out of shopping for baby products. Check out the list below, and start filling your registry with this year’s latest trends.

20 Baby Products that Every New Mom Needs in 2020

1. Hello Bello

Y’all, it is no secret that we LOVE us some Kristen Bell. Whether she’s forking kidding with us on The Good Place, or keeping it as real as real can be on social media, this girl is a fan fave. So when she and hubby Dax Shepard released an adorable line of premium baby products at non-premium prices, we knew we could get on board!


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According to the website, the heart behind Hello Bello is simple: “We believe that parents shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for their babies and what’s good for their budget.”

In addition to being totally affordable (seriously, a box of Hello Bello diapers costs the same as Walmart’s house brand), Hello Bello products are plant-based, and free of “paragons, phthalates, and risky other ingredients.”

If all of that wasn’t enough to sell you, just look at how stinkin’ cute the designs are! And you guys, these aren’t just cute. They WORK.

Hello Bello products are available exclusively at Walmart and on their website. Bundle and save even more by subscribing at HelloBello.com. For just $65 per bundle, you receive 7 packs of diapers (you pick the size and patterns), 4 packs of 60-count wipes, 15% off additional items (they sell everything from body wash to laundry detergent, to vitamins, to bug spray), and you can earn rewards and freebies.

2. Binxy Baby

Friends, grocery shopping will never be the same. Gone are the days of lugging a 50-pound car seat into the store and taking up all of the room in your shopping cart. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is a TOTAL game-changer when it comes to baby products! And it’s as adorable as it is durable.

baby products

Using two layers of high-quality upholstery weight fabric and reinforced seams, the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock will hold up to 50 pounds. Its durable clips ensure baby is safe in your shopping cart, without taking up all of your space. The best part is, when you’re finished with your Target run, simply take baby out, roll it up, and store it away! Binxy Baby shopping cart hammocks are small enough to fit in your purse or diaper bag with ease!

baby products

3. SwaddleDesigns

Swaddling has long been shown to promote better sleep patterns, improve rest and cycle regulations for your baby. But as SwaddleDesigns creator, Lynette Damir has observed over the years, many parents swaddle their babe beyond 3 months, which is unsafe.

Baby Products

SwaddleDesigns’ Safe Sleepwear Guide makes it easy for parents to get more sleep and make safe choices.

From swaddling blankets, to Transitional Swaddle Sacks to the zzZipMe Sack wearable blanket, SwaddleDesigns will have your little one sleeping peacefully, which means more shut-eye for you, mama!

Their Three Stage Sleep System provides beautiful baby products for each transitional stage of baby’s sleep.

Baby Products

baby products

Stage One (age range 0-3 months or until baby can roll over):  Swaddle to suppress the Moro Reflex (the reflex which “startles” the baby awake). SwaddleDesigns Swaddle Sack® with Wrap keeps newborns cozy and secure.

Stage Two (age range 3-6 months): Partial suppression of the Moro Reflex. The Transitional Swaddle Sack® – an important innovation in safe sleep for babies who can roll over, but are not ready for a loose-fitting sleeping sack. Swaddle Sack® bridges the gap between a classic snug swaddle and a sleeping sack.

Stage Three (age range 6-18+ months): No swaddling, use a wearable blanket for safe sleep. The zzZipMe Sack® keeps baby warm and safe. Includes a 2-way zipper and available in a multitude of fabrics.

4. Boppy ComfyChic™ Baby Carrier

baby products

With luxury accents, vegan leather trip, and yoga-inspired fabric, you’ll forget you’re even carrying a baby in Boppy’s ComfyChic Baby Carrier!

baby productsThe thoughtfully designed adjustable underarm straps provide comfort and makes sharing among caregivers easy, even great for breastfeeding. Adaptable seat width, achieved through wrapping techniques, allow for 4 ergonomic carrying positions: newborn front face-in, front face-in, front face-out and side-hip carrying from 8-35 lbs. Breathable, performance mesh panels provide privacy while allowing for airflow, perfect for those cozy cuddled moments with your little one.

Friends, this is one must-have baby product that every new mom needs on their list this year! It stows away easily and can be tossed straight into the washing machine.

5. Boppy 4 & More Multi-Use Cover

As part of their Mama Bear Campaign, Boppy’s beautiful 4 & More Multi-Use Cover is one you just can’t beat.

baby products

baby productsWith breathable mesh on one side to provide airflow and keep you both cool, and full coverage knit on the other side, breastfeeding is a breeze with maximum privacy AND comfort. The airflow side over the car seat keeps your baby covered and cool. The privacy side is great to help eliminate distractions while nursing on the go. Includes Peek Panel™ mesh to view your baby while snug in the car seat or while nursing. Also great as a shopping cart cover, baby carrier cover, restaurant high chair cover and stylish infinity scarf.

It’s all part of their mission to give Mama Bear the ultimate comfort she deserves.

6. Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottles

This is a big one mamas! One of the most common threads I see in all of my mommy groups among new moms is “what type of baby bottle should I buy?”

And while there are literally a million options on the market, one baby product you’ll never regret buying is the Perry Mackin Silicone Baby Bottles.

baby products

With their unique design to be as familiar to baby as mom’s breast, Perry Mackin’s extra soft high-grade silicone nipples provide the perfect solution for switching between breast and bottle. For a more natural feeding experience, different flow rate nipples are available to mimic mom’s nipple changes during nursing.

7. The Elephant Organics Mommy & Me Trunk

The ultimate gift for any new or expecting mother, The Elephant Organics Mom & Me Trunk Sets are the perfect way to welcome baby into the world!

baby products

Made with 100% purely organic cotton, these matching pajama sets are THE softest thing you and baby will touch during your first few weeks together. Choose one of the pre-designed snuggle trunk sets, or customize your own!

8. The Pop Pacifier by Doodle & Co.

baby products

Mamas, we’ve all been there. Baby drops their pacifier on the floor and what’s a girl to do? Wipe it off and give it back (5 second rule, am I right?) or, stash it away to be cleaned later — risking one very unhappy babe? With so many germs and bacteria floating around, the very last place we want it to end up is on the one soothing thing that goes in our baby’s mouth!

Baby Products

Enter: The Pop Pacifier.

Doodle & Co. has solved all of those problems FOR GOOD, with their revolutionary pacifier, designed to never touch any surface.

When this pacifier takes a tumble, the nipple pops back into its built-in protective silicone bubble- reducing unwanted surface contact.

Pinch to tuck the nipple away when you’re on the go. Simply throw in your bag or tuck in a pocket and the nipple stays protected.

9. BooginHead

In the spirit of keeping things like pacifiers and sippy cups off of the floor, one baby product we are obsessed with this year is BooginHead.

For these guys, it’s all about the grip. baby products

BooginHead started with their original SippiGrip in 2007, an award-winning tether that keeps babies’ cups from taking a spill all over your floor at every meal.

Made in the USA, this premium 100% food-grade silicone solution is stretchy but strong, compact but expandable, super easy to clean, and compatible with just about every cup, bottle, and toy. SippiGrip Silicone is the modern, updated, upgraded answer to dropped, lost, and dirty baby necessities everywhere.

And it doesn’t stop there. Check out their full line of PaciGrips, TeetherBibs, and other silicone-inspired baby products.

10. Oma Sense Wearable Breathing Movement Monitor from Levana

For all of those mamas who live to watch their baby breathe, the Oma Sense Breathing Monitor is an ACTUAL life-saver.

baby products

Engineered to make parenthood a lot less stressful, Oma Sense is a wearable baby monitor so advanced it detects breathing movements without touching your baby’s skin. If breathing motions stop, Oma Sense will vibrate to stimulate your baby and alarm to notify you that something is wrong.

Without the use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Oma Sense is truly wireless, ensuring your baby is always safe.

11. Busy Baby Mat

The Busy Baby Mat is the first-ever placemat to keep toys in place! Time to end the “Toddler Toss!”

baby products

Made of 100% FDA-approved food-grade silicone, the Busy Baby Mat suctions to smooth surfaces & has a proprietary tether system that will keep baby’s things within reach & germ free!

Whether you’re shopping, eating at restaurants, or even playing at home, this mat stays put to keep babies and toddlers entertained and germ-free!

12. Bek & Jet Vegan Leather Bibs and Changing Mats

Say goodbye to stains forever with Bek & Jet’s full line of adorable vegan leather bibs & changing mats!

baby products

Available in six different color options, these wipeable and waterproof accessories are must-haves for every new mom in 2020. The soft, stylish, functional mats remain soft and withstand the test of time. Made of 100% non-toxic, vegan leather, they’ll stay cute without the stains!

Check out all of their cute accessories, including bows, headwraps, and some very cute kids clothing at BekandJet.com

13. BirdRock Baby

Speaking of adorable kids clothing and accessories, you cannot go wrong with BirdRock Baby! Their baby moccasins are cute enough to make my ovaries hurt!

baby products

BirdRock Baby offers high-quality, comfortable (and adorable) baby shoes at an extremely affordable price. Plus, they are one of the highest-rated baby shoe brands on Amazon with more than 5,000 five star reviews!

Check out their full line of Mary Janes, Classic Moccasins, Fringeless Moccasins, and Organic Cotton Booties!

14. KeaBabies Baby Ring Sling

baby products

KeaBabies all-new, Baby Ring Sling is an extension of their popular, All-in-1 Infant Baby Wrap Carrier, to serve as a Baby Sling, PostPartum Belt, Nursing Cover, and Baby Swaddle & Blanket. This versatile baby product is one size fits all, just the right stretch and creates enhanced baby/mommy bonding time with added comfort for crying/fussy babies.



15. Motorola Lux65 Baby Monitor 

baby products

Powered by Hubble, The Motorola Lux65 will now allow parents to monitor their baby with a clear view at home. Whether you’re at home or on the go, parents  have the ability to stream in Full HD from anywhere by downloading the Hubble Connected app to their smartphone or tablet. Parents can see, hear and sooth their baby in real time. They will also receive alerts when any motion or sound is detected.

baby products

Parents can also capture and save special moments by manually recording video footage for safe keeping or to share with family and friends. You can also sooth your baby to sleep without going into the nursery by either playing them a selection of lullabies, soothing sounds and stories or record one of your own voice to play back.

16. Babe & Body

Who says it has to be all about the babe?

After having babies, the creators behind Babe and Body knew what it was like to be a new mom that has three diaper rash creams and all the baby shampoos — but nothing for themselves!

baby products

Using the ingredients we love and reformulated awesome feel-good stuff for moms, they created a line of mom-centric products with all-natural, never processed ingredients you don’t have to Google.

17. Bloomaire

Speaking of baby products that are specially designed for mama, don’t become a mom in 2020 without checking out Bloomaire.

baby products

Designed with the modern mom in mind, Bloomaire offers a beautiful solution for breastfeeding moms everywhere. Never again sacrifice style for function when getting ready for your day with this intentional collection, made with easy nursing access, comfort, and quality materials at its heart.



18. Citi Babies

Who says diaper bags have to LOOK like a diaper bag? Citi Babies creates modern, minimal, and functional diaper bags at affordable prices for the new mom. These convenient diaper bags are gorgeously designed to transition into a trendy backpack, once the baby stage is over.

baby products

Citi Babies Functional Features Include: 

– Waterproof materials

– 10-12 organized pockets

– Changing pad

– Wet pockets

– Insulated bottle holders fit most bottles

– Stay open top

– Laptop compartment – Up to 13”

– Stroller clips

– Anti-theft pocket

baby products

19. NoseFrieda The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator

The name pretty much says it all, but mama, do NOT go through 2020 without this snotsucker in your life! baby products

Unlike the nasal bulbs which are not very effective or clean, the Nosefrieda was invented to say bye bye to boogies with one swift suck.

The airtight filter ensures you won’t risk sucking your baby’s snot right up into your mouth, and the relief that comes from this little genie’s effectiveness is nothing short of a God-send.

20. Keekaroo Peanut Diaper Changing Pad

This is not your grandmother’s changing pad. Keekaroo has nixed those old, slippery liners for good and brought us the most innovative changing pad of all time.

baby products

This non-slip, waterproof, and COMPLETELY WIPEABLE changing pad is an answered prayer for the modern mom. To clean, simply wipe it down. No need to buy or wash covers ever again. It’s peanut-shaped curve design is made to keep baby in place easier.

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