Your Grown Kids Will Reject You — Expect It

One of the things not often spoken about in parenting is how much your children will reject you as they age. As kids age and are introduced to other people and other ways of looking at life, they begin to pull away and reject you and what you have taught them. And, this process hurts. Here’s what to do when your grown child rejects you.

Friends become more exciting and influential. Teachers, coaches, the barista at their favorite coffee shop, anyone BUT you seems to have the ability to speak into the life of and spend enjoyable time with your grown child.

And it hurts when your grown child rejects you. It just does.

I gave my life for you! I have held you, cried with you, changed your diapers, taught you EVERYTHING you know…and you are rejecting ME!!!??? Are you kidding me??!!!

Mommas, this is not about you. Not really. It FEELS like it’s about you, but it typically isn’t personal. It’s NORMAL. 100% normal.

Every single person has to go through a time of separation from parental influences in order to become their own person. Every person has to look at how they were raised and determine what is theirs to keep and what different things they want to add into THEIR story and THEIR lives.

Dealing with this is one of the hardest parts of parenting, as far as I am concerned. It’s hard because there are NO guarantees that your grown kids will choose what is good or best. None whatsoever!

I remember when my children began this phase of life. I was so afraid and shocked. My heart hurt because I had poured my life into raising them and thought they would simply take everything I had taught them and agree with it 100%.

So naive!!

Sheri Bybee Mitchell
Married for 30 years. Mother to 4. Mother-in-law to 3. Grandma to 2 (so far). Loves Jesus, reading, football and laundry. Greatly dislikes cooking, conflict, dirty microwaves and summer. I write to encourage others in this journey of life by honestly sharing my own struggles and joys because no one is perfect, especially me!

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