I’ll Admit — I’m Not Excited To Have My Adult Kids Home for the Holidays

I am going to say something that might shock some of you… Not every mom is super excited to have her adult kids home for the holidays.


It’s true. While we all love our kids and miss their presence in our home, some of the time, not every grown child is easy to live with under the same roof, and having them home for an extended amount of time, whether at Christmas break or during summer break, can be a bit stressful.

I haven’t always been excited when my adult children come home for the holidays.

I LOVE my kids. I love being with my kids. HOWEVER, there are those in my family who were not easy to live with, especially as they reached their late teens and early 20’s. They had BIG personalities and didn’t really enjoy being a part of the family and all that being together meant. And extended amounts of time together often meant extended amounts of conflict and stress.

Good news is they have matured now and spending time all together really is quite enjoyable.

Momma, first, if you are one who is secretly struggling with the return of difficult children over the holidays, just know you are not alone and there is NOTHING wrong with you!! I think there are more moms like you than you know. Take off the guilt and shame that something is wrong with you because you aren’t all googly, smooshy about your kids being home!

Second, talk about how you are feeling with your spouse. Have a game plan in place. The struggle with your child might NOT be between you and them but between your spouse and that child. Have an honest conversation with your spouse and find ways to help each other navigate this season of time.

Sheri Bybee Mitchell
Sheri Bybee Mitchell
Married for 30 years. Mother to 4. Mother-in-law to 3. Grandma to 2 (so far). Loves Jesus, reading, football and laundry. Greatly dislikes cooking, conflict, dirty microwaves and summer. I write to encourage others in this journey of life by honestly sharing my own struggles and joys because no one is perfect, especially me!

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